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Blockchain Background Checks

Find and evaluate opportunities or risks based on reputation, relationships and digital activity.

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Cross-Chain Discovery &

Find and evaluate opportunities or prospects based on reputation, relationships and digital activity.

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Cross-chain behaviors.
Off-chain insights.

We construct the world's most comprehensive digital footprint of blockchain projects, teams, investors, and scammers.

Risk & Compliance

Identify bad actors from associated digital aliases and wallet addresses.

Relationship Mapping

Map cross-project, organizational, and professional relationships.


Discover projects and people matching behavioral, relational and performance criteria.

Way Better!

We source and manage reliable data, so you can take action

The data is provided via API, spreadsheet download or directly on our standalone platform.

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Custom applications to fit your data needs. 

We help teams grow faster using our API, data enrichment, and standalone solutions.

Broad coverage, deep profiles.

15+ chains, 1M+ tokens, dApps, NFTs and DeFi protocols.

Social Proof or add use cases

Nowadays, we're all pretty skeptical about the things we read on the internet. Make sure to calm your potential customers' nerves by giving them some verified proof that the things you state aren't lies.

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How can I get access?

Companies and professional investors xyz

Is Fide GDPR and CCA compliant?

Yes, our data and xyz is because xyz

What is the pricing plan?

Companies accepted into our pilot program complete a 2 week xyz.

How do I get the data?

API, CSV, JSON - all or specific fields

Can I trust Fide's data?

Every item in our database has an associated confidence score from 0-1. You will be able to decide the confidence threshold.

How often is the data updated?

Our database is updated 10,000 times per second so you have the most updated info out there.